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A hired mentor with a secret, and his famous egocentric pupil now must travel through, across, in-between, and completely out of all Tyme. Undeniable news that existence will come to a standstill, throws the begrudging pair into an desperate race. A race in search of their only refuge; The Answer. The undiscovered, final piece of all Knowledge. Feuding ancient apostles, exiled minorities, the extinct, even Fate itself, all scramble to control existence's final moment.

The Resurrection of Tyme
Variant Cover #1 

Creator & Illustrator          David Patrick Turner

Early Colorist                                   Steven Oaks

Genre                                                        Fantasy


                                                      Science Fiction

                                                            Time Opera

                                                       Sports Fantasy

Page Count                                                    280

Sequels                       The Reunion of Memories

                                              Till the Indz of Tyme

                                               Tyme & Tyme Again

The  Ressurection of   Tyme

Tyme. A place like no other. Or a place like them all. The perspective is yours. Traverse to any era that's was, or that will be. As easy as buying a bus ticket. 


My interpretation of the tale begins during the All Tyme Masters Championship Centennial. An olympics made up of Tyme's greatest athletic heroes. The festival unites all moments in Tyme, into a single moment of jubilation. 


The ceremony's closing prolific match between the undefeated champions and the freshman underdogs draws to a climatic finish as the underdog's rookie lines up the game winning shot. But a cataclysmic incident disseminates the stadium. Neither our Sciences nor Divine Interrupters can explain the calamity.  


Mistrust grows among all Tyme's leaders. A rift between the Past and Future begins. Two of the survivors of what is now known as The Event, embark on an odyssey across a Tyme you've never seen before.       

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